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Things will have to subside on their own before this duo makes amends. They have to get over the hardheadedness and deal with the fact that an apology is admitting wrongdoing. Making amends and asking for forgiveness contributes to Taurus and Taurus compatibility. In astrology, star signs correspond with a Yin or Yang polarity. The polarities are the same as those seen in the Yin Yang harmony symbol. The idea of polarities stems from Chinese philosophy.

Polarities refer to masculine or feminine opposing energies. These contrary forces interconnect, complement one another, and also oppose one another. Yin and Yang stem from the term yin-yang meaning positive-negative or bright-dark. The term also relates to the Chinese word for the sunny and shady side.

In the Taurus and Taurus pair, the parties align with yin energies. Yin energies passive, yielding, diffuse, soft, and slow. Yang forces correspond with the active, assertive, solid, fast, and dry. With Yin forces influencing the Taureans, both partners are thoughtful, reflective, and humble. The duo remains romantic and treats one another with sensitivity and gentleness. The Taurus and Taurus pair are intuitive. The attune to one another so they can share thoughts without even speaking.

Intuitive and insightful, the Taurean pair shares a telepathic and understanding bond. The polarization of energies means Yin or Yang forces are out of balance. When Yin polarizes, the energetic influence surfaces as passive aggressiveness, passivity, and martyrdom. To re-balance, embracing masculine Yin energies helps.

It will restore harmony between the Taurus and Taurus love match. When examining compatibility, astrologers consider aspect. The aspects of star signs are the distance between the signs on the celestial wheel. Since the parties in a double-Taurus relationship share the same sign, there is no distance to measure. When the star signs are the same in a relationship, they are conjunct. In a conjunct relationship, compatibility is almost a guarantee.

Falling in love with someone of the same sign is like falling in love with yourself! Now, unless you have an issue with self-loathing, a conjunct relationship is dreamy! When things are smooth in a conjunct relationship, both parties learn self-love. In achieving love of the self, it makes it possible to be authentic when loving a same sign partner.

Every star sign aligns with one of the four elements. Steady, stable, and headstrong Taurus aligns with the Earth element. The elemental influence contributes to Taurean strength, steadiness, and stubbornness. The Taurus and Taurus relationship consists of a well-grounded, earth-loving pair. As the earth is solid and always consistent, so too is the Taurus and Taurus relationship. The parties are dependable and responsible. This relationship goes from wild and passionate to warm and compassionate. The day-to-day routine is all too comfortable for Taureans who love being comfortable.

Here is where problems exist. Romance goes from sizzle to fizzle when this happens! It takes ongoing work to keep the romance hopping! So, how do a Taurus Man and Taurus Woman pair work out? The attraction between the Taurus Man and Taurus Woman evolves naturally. The next thing you know, they are wining and dining one another at their favorite restaurants. When not dining out, they cook for each other at home. Rest assured, they pack the basket with their favorite gastronomic delights!

With the Taurus Man and the Taurus Woman, the relationship is stable. Both parties are well-balanced. The Taurus Man is well-tempered and calm, but even if a bad mood strikes, the Taurus Woman soothes him. She is at-the-ready to embrace him when he needs it.


Aries Woman & Taurus Man: Sex, Love & Relationship Compatibility

She also knows when it is better to say nothing or when it is better to just hold and caress him. Being a source of comfort for one another enhances Taurus and Taurus compatibility. The Taurus Woman is more than happy to say yes when her man asks her to tie the knot. This duo has no problem seeing the happiness on the horizon and life of lasting love. But, they are also reasonable. Both parties have high emotional intelligence. As such, they know their love life will not be problem free. Who will be the worst for being bull-headed?

Know Your Taurus Man

Compromising is not something this duo enjoys. But, it is a skill they MUST master! The Taurus and Taurus pair are demanding when it comes to fidelity. The Taurus Man has no problem with remaining loyal as long as the relationship is happy. The same goes for the Taurus Woman. Trouble brews if these two slips into complacency and take one another for granted. Each party will feel the other is mistreating them. Comfort in the Taurus Man and Taurus Woman relationship is a good thing. Excessive comfort is a death trap. If boredom ensues, the relationship stagnates.

When the relationship goes into hibernation, Taureans feel the suffocation of boredom. The Taurus Woman and Taurus Man compatibility is undeniable. If the Taurus and Taurus love match overcome obstacles they face, they have the key to happiness eternal! The Taurus Woman and Taurus Man are level-headed and grounded. The partners in this love match know they can count on each other when the chips are down. The couple likes the slow and easy road to love. They get along with ease.

Because they have no trouble talking to one another about everything. In the Taurus Woman and Taurus Man relationship, both parties know all about luxury. They demand the best. They share tastes when buying items and landscaping outside the home. The Taurus Man and Taurus room have a natural eye for the beautiful and posh. With Yin forces influencing Taureans, the Taurus Woman is soft, gentle, and kind.

The Taurean Woman contributes all she can to the relationship. The Taurus Woman treats the home like a sacred temple. But, so does the Taurean male. When working together on any task, with a common goal in focus, this couple will know success. In the Taurus and Taurus relationship, the Taurus Man serves as a source of great strength.

He makes his partner feel safe and secure. He is a natural leader and protector. Anything or anyone threatening the loved ones of the Taurean Man meets with the wrath of the bull! One of the biggest challenges this duo faces is attribute magnification. Say what?

Taurus Man Cancer Woman Long Distance Relationship

This duo brings similar characteristics together. It results in the magnification of their common attributes. Magnifying positive attributes is fine. But, bring out the more complicated characteristics and watch out! Double the bull-headedness? Double the jealousy? Double the egocentric tendencies?

It all means double trouble! The Taurus and Taurus connection is one of the most successful relationships. And he wasn't always loyal like they say, but because we were Taurus's we stayed in this for 7 years, no ring no nothing he was a total full of crap loser! I am a woman dating a Taurus man, my first, he is my male me, I love him, although he told me he loved me first we have so much in common and he is really a great guy, couldn't have asked for a better partner.

It will be permanent. I love him. We love hard. Everything is emotional and extreme.

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I can't breathe without him and he the same. I love him and hate him we go from A to Z in one afternoon. Well I'm a Taurus woman I seam to attract a lot of my kind. I am a Taurus woman in love with my Taurus guy. We have been dating for 6 months but it feels like I have known him for years. He is simply amazing and I respect him for who he is. He is not great with mushy words, but the little things he does, makes my heart melt right away. I feel really lucky to have met this guy, although I don't really believe in fairytales and soulmates, our relationship makes me think otherwise.

Taurus Man and Taurus Woman

As a couple we are compatible in every aspect, from being lazy bums to having great sex. And everything seems so natural and yet so perfect. It breaks my heart that now we are in a long distance relationship, and I love him way too much to break up with him. Even if we did break-up, it will be really difficult for me to be with another guy, 'coz my Taurus guy has raised the standard ten-fold!

I know I can be happy only with him. I'm a true Taurus man mellow, gentle, very affectionate, and loving. I want a Taurus woman who has those same characteristics as me if you are single email me at kinglovermusic yahoo. I'm a Taurus woman and I recently met a Taurus man in this bar thinking he was someone I knew from another state.

Turns out we never knew each other but we will soon for our 1st date. I feel like he's something special already because he's just like me its so crazy. I actually think we will if not be good friends be a great couple soon :. I hate him soo much. Its forever:. Am searching for a Taurus guy : : : wish me luck ladies! Hope to meet mine somewhere on tis earth! Am a Taurus and I do get well wit other Taurus s fantastic! I hav a Taurus friend who knows me inside out.

To the extent without even asking for details I can read her silence, understand her problems , and even solve it! Its amazing! Huh hope to meet my guy somewhere soon! I am also slightly involved with a Scorpio man, and while I love his intensity, the gentleness of a fixed earth man plus extreme passion is much more comfortable for me. I recently reunited with my high school sweetheart who is a male taurus. After 23 years we instantly clicked.

He makes me laugh, and our conversation is always interesting. When he came home we had sex. Or should I say we made love. It was tender, gentle, we had amazing chemistry. And his touches made me melt.

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I could love him. If he only knew. I can't tell him. He makes my heart smile. Im a Taurus girl and I met my Taurus guy in the 7th grade. We always talked about being together forever and all that really lame gushy stuff when you're that young but some how even when we broke up we ALWAYS stayed in touch through the years.

We have stuck together like cubans links, he's been here through all my other boyfriends and I've been here through all of his other girls but in the end we always seem to start talking again and the love is always there. We had some break ups but we always talk, and work things out.

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I feel like he is my best friend. He knows me soo well and we are in the same state of mind a lot of times. It is the best. We are both only children, same mixed race, and 15 days apart in age. I know that I'm still young but we're almost adults and I know that we will end up together no matter what. I think Taurus and Taurus is wonderful.! Taurus and Taurus the best match ever!!!! Both can connect to a deeper level. It is amazing to be with someone who naturally clicks with you,undrestands you and makes you feel safe.

Between the sheets it is just unbelievable,so intense,we can spend hours and hours making love. It has never happened with me before. Great match!!!! The friendship,everything is so awesome!!!! I met this guy over the phone on a chatline. He sounded so good but at the same time I didn't know that he would soon be mine. Im a Taurus women with a Taurus man and besides him being my best friend its the greatest love in the world.

Through my hard times he's there and always knows how to make me smile. Ive never thought someone would be on the level to understand me mentally and be there for me more than I am for myself. But,the relationship is amazing and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I agree with you all. I think Taurus and Taurus match is one of most gentle and slow relationship ever.

He accepts the way I am and I feel so safe. No push no rush flow togather on the water. I met my Taurus man almost 3 months ago at college. He was really shy and quiet but I was so intrigued I couldn't help myself and flat out told him that I wanted to get to know him One thing led to another, and now we've been dating for two months. I know its early in the relationship to say this, but I feel like I have found the one. Granted, he is my first boyfriend and I am his first girlfriend but I feel like that aspect especially really helps out our relationship.

He is so caring, kind, gentle, and extremely sincere. He is only 10 days older than me! I feel like our love is the simple kind, which is nice because we don't feel like we have to do anything extravagant to show each other how we feel I feel like we're on the same level about everything relationship and not-relationship related. I love him so much and I know that he will be my first, and last, boyfriend. Hi I am Taurus girl who is seeing a Taurus man for 5 months. He approached me on the street, then asked me for coffee and we started to see each other since Feburary We are having fun and feel comfortable with each other.

However, I am very cautious and he is the same. We never talked about our relationships or our feelings. When we meet or talk on phone, we are intense but not much through txt messages. We had dates every weekend, went to galleries, movies, restaurants and walked streets together while holding hands. Although we are pretty much grown adults, we dated and shared time like kids. Sex between us was never rushed, we decided to have sex about two months after the day we met.

We put our works before relationships, did not like to promise anything too serious, never forced anything and never asked too much questions to each other. I still have a lot to know about him, he is the same. However, he told me that he feels safe when he is with me, and somehow I do too. Our relationship is developing very, Very slowly and we open our minds very slowly.

It seems like this is the only sign which Taurus women do not complain much, and I feel very weird that we both are very happy about our relationship status. I am a female Taurus and a married Taurus guy is obsessed with me. I told him I cannot give myself to him or show how I feel about him because he is married.

I do like him, but cannot accept that he is married. He has all the traits of a Taurus man,but questions "a Taurus man is faithful to his partner"? I did not agree on that trait! I told him to stop, but is still persistent. He was like an actor who enjoys dress ups and set the situations, loves adventure, spoils and surprises. Very active and fun to be around. He never talked directly but I could read through his actions very well. We are still good friends and we share our experiences sometimes and I like this so much better than us as lover haha.

I was more emotional, artistic, he was more of a business man. Whenever I wanted to have nurturing conversations, he could not be patient or able to sit down in one place to have a decent conversation. He was confident and always wanted to led conversations. Also, he was very physical man who was already touching and tried to kiss me before even ask me out.

taurus man taurus woman sexuality compatibility Taurus man taurus woman sexuality compatibility
taurus man taurus woman sexuality compatibility Taurus man taurus woman sexuality compatibility
taurus man taurus woman sexuality compatibility Taurus man taurus woman sexuality compatibility
taurus man taurus woman sexuality compatibility Taurus man taurus woman sexuality compatibility
taurus man taurus woman sexuality compatibility Taurus man taurus woman sexuality compatibility

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