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They have a sunny disposition and that will inevitably rub off on you. You just wanna hug 'em! Leos are known as the kings and queens of the jungle — and for good reason. They are confident, says Kirkman, rarely doubting themselves and always putting their best foot forward.

You'll be attracted to how sure they are in themselves. Dating a Leo is bound to rub off on you because their courageous energy is contagious. They are also playful, airing on the light side and making any experience — good or bad — easier because of their jolly nature.

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A Virgo is always thinking of the perfect thing to say. And while you might be tempted to try and keep up with them, it's sometimes just as satisfying to sit back and listen to their way with words: They'll think up things you wouldn't even dream of saying. But when they're done wowing you with their sparkling wit, Virgos also want to hear about you.

They're attentive and focused, which makes them a great partner. They'll listen to you, and be truly present in the moment. Libras are bound to make you blush. They are known for being charming, Kirkman told me, which means you'll like them right away. They know exactly what to say to make you fall in love with them and you will fall hard. They will love committing to you and will sweep you off your feet.

They are happiest in a couple and they will show you how they feel whenever they get the chance. Raise your hand if you've ever been mesmerized by a Scorpio.

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They are the most captivating sign, Kirkman says. After your first date, you'll wonder why you can't stop thinking about them. That's just who they are! There is something about them that just captures the heart.

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Once you get over your initial enthrallment and begin talking to a Scorpio, however, you'll come to realize just how complex and interesting they really are. You'll be shocked and amazed by the insight you'll get by talking to a Scorpio. They are intense and intelligent beings who have so much of their perspective to share in a unique way. They're adventurous, says Kirkman.

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Don't be surprised if they push your limits and give you an adrenaline rush, but when all is said and done, you'll be so glad you got to experience life with them. They are social animals and not afraid of talking to strangers and do best in situations where they're interacting with others. Capricorns are just pleasant. They take your feelings into account and they don't step on any toes if they don't have to.

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They don't do things without thinking because they care about how it will affect others. Because Capricorns are an Earth sign, they are " security-driven," Kirkman says, which influences their love of commitment. Once you commit to a Capricorn, you don't have to worry that they don't want the same thing. This helps you skip the games and get right to the good stuff. Kristin Salaky. Monthly - Sally Kirkman Astrologer. Scorpio Horoscope In Hindi. Libra horoscope - Powerful Tips for an exceptional year.

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Sally kirkman horoscope
Sally kirkman horoscope
Sally kirkman horoscope
Sally kirkman horoscope
Sally kirkman horoscope
Sally kirkman horoscope
Sally kirkman horoscope
Sally kirkman horoscope

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