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I met Jonathan with the help of my old friend William Lilly , but that is another story. The horoscope column is an example of just that — an interpretation designed to be relevant to a person, right then, right when they seek it out. People need astrology to offer them an idea, a strategy or some reassurance. If astrology cannot do that, what good is it? Horoscopes are also my literary love because when I started writing them, I was looking for a way to do journalism that was more relevant than what I was doing at the time, which was investigative reporting on fraud cases involving toxins and very large corporations.

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No matter how accurate or damning my investigative articles were, they did not seem to be making contact with the people who needed the information the most. It occurred to me that a well-written horoscope could be a way to make contact with the softer side of humanity, and a place to move information you might not see anywhere else, certainly not in a newspaper.

It was Patric, a venerated British astrologer, whose writing taught me the rudiments of astrology and set up the model I use to translate from the chart to the message I offer you. And it was from Patric that I learned that a horoscope must be written to an individual, not to a group. That takes confidence, and an experienced writing voice, and it also builds the confidence of the reader. The horoscope is part of an ongoing relationship between a reader and an astrologer. I intend for mine to be relevant even if a person reading does not believe in astrology.

All writing, I believe, must stand on its own merits.

This week's horoscopes with Sally Brompton

The number on top of each Friday horoscope is a sequence number, so that we can tell the columns apart we also identify them by the first few words of Aries. When I hired Jessica Keet to serve as my horoscope coordinator and proofreader in , I made an estimate and started the sequence at Shortly before I started writing horoscopes, someone named Laurie Burnett who I met through a classified ad in The Mountain Astrologer suggested that I look into something called Chiron, a newly discovered planet.

She also suggested that I spend some time with a book called Esoteric Astrology. One day she mailed me her tattered copy, minus its cover, and slowly I started to dip into its at-first strange concepts.


While I was living in Germany in , I got my own copy and studied it cover to cover in preparation for writing this article, about the grand cross and total solar eclipse. As for Chiron. When I started to go deeper into my study of astrology, using a diversity of classic texts by people like Isabel Hickey, Rob Hand and the writing team of Louis Acker and Frances Sakoian, I knew that astrology was not making sense presented in textbook format.

Memorizing for example the different values of placements like Venus through the signs was not giving me any sense of the whole. Then I started reading about Chiron and halfway through my first book, all of astrology made sense in a new way — an integrated way. This went beyond the conceptual right to a direct connection with astrology as it works.

Astrology, as anyone who has studied it knows, can be an intellectual morass. The concepts need to be sorted out and understood, but ultimately interpreting the aspects is an intuitive art, like composing music. As I studied Chiron, I knew I was in the domain of new planet research, on the cusp of a new era.

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  • I devised a way to work with my clients — by asking them about their past Chiron transits, rather than immediately telling them what their chart supposedly meant. Then I would read the chart. When I was living in Germany in , I learned that there were a diversity of other newly discovered planets, including Pholus, Nessus and QB1 , and I began looking into those.

    That process put me in touch with Chiron pioneer Melanie Reinhart, who I adopted as a mentor. I also met and studied with Robert von Heeren, co-author of the only book on Pholus. I contacted her and adopted her as a mentor. I have a lot of Chiron in my chart, and mentorship is one of its key themes. I never took a formal course of study; I just made a habit of finding people I thought had something going on and engaged them in a dialog, often lasting years. The Planet Waves horoscope became a fusion of horoscope writing in the classical British style, as well as a forum to bring in what I was learning about the minor planets and from my experiences working with clients.

    I have incorporated everything I learned from my therapist Joseph Trusso. But when it works, it works brilliantly, and I think the potential of the horoscope column is vastly underdeveloped. As I have said and will keep saying, the astrological profession needs to take this seriously, horoscope writing needs to be taught at conferences, and the very best horoscope writers need to be put forward into the most visible positions — because they are the ambassadors of astrology to the widest public available.

    The Internet has made it much easier for people to start a horoscope column; all you need is a blog. If this field is brimming with talent, I have not encountered it yet and would be grateful to be introduced to those who my readers consider the better writers. Yet thanks to the Internet, we have more space to work.

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    The format of the Planet Waves horoscope I offer you here is not constrained by an absolute word count. A printed horoscope column of 1, words or words per sign is considered long. In this format I take up to words per sign if necessary, longer for the monthly. This gives me the space to develop more complex themes. When I say that I consider my horoscope a form of journalism I really mean it.

    Our astrologer Sally Brompton reveals what the stars have in store for you this week

    I started in newspapers as well. I came to the work with many years of experience writing about issues that are extremely difficult to explain and even more difficult to show as relevant. Even in this early form, the column has the essay plus horoscope format.

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