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Astrologers link the economic collapse with planetary positions.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes immediately come to mind. October is the tenth month, numerology only takes into account the numbers of One to nine. Because all others can be…. Hi everyone, this is Amira. Was it? And what…. Love to U Cecilia! I send to you best regardes from Croatia, Europe!

I would like to thank you very much for the information and advise you have give to me. I now know that I need to change my way of thinking and try to be more positive. I am Looking forward to future developments and finding that special person to come into My life. Once again thank you very much Yours sincerity Terry.

I shall be following some remedies, I have already performed Jupiter transit Homa and we have been planning on some others. The emails the personalised messages all seem to come at the right time. Thank so much you have assisted me a lot. It was phenomenal, thank you. I think that it has been beneficial to me in that manner. I am single, so I do not pay any attention to the lovers portions. I am not looking for any companion or husband in my life, as I have been burned twice. So it is nice to look at when I have to make decisions. I have truly been blessed by the readings that you gave me as a guide to my forthcomings.

Your insight has allowed me to make a smooth transition during my time of dispair and divorce. I look forward to working with you in the furture! It come true magically for me. I have learned to believe in myself.. Read it everyday and go by the year long reading you gave me. I have enjoyed reading your reports and found them accurate. I tend to go back to them occasionally and check up things that interest me. I really liked the first report and that was why I ordered the second. The romantic report is also quite to the point. Thank you again. Both reports were helpful and revealing.

Thank you, Cecilia, to show me this wisdom in details! I see the tendencies. What I solved and I overcame. I see where I am now. It helped me a lot to believe in myself, in my potential and to trust my actions for a better future. I trust more my struggle and I am more confident in myself and my power to work on having control of my life and to find solutions to the issues and problems of my life.

I am grateful that you showed me how to step farther in my life path. When you gave a reading last year you got everything right. I thank you for your time and effort. Tammie from holland. If all goes as read the year will be one of many changes. I do hope the things you see will become reality. The things you write about my personality are recognised by a close and old friend, who might be going to play a bigger part of my life.

I thank you whole hartedly. I look forward to receiving it along with your accurate insights. Thank you for being there to help! I enjoyed all the different aspects of the reading including the bonus parts. You have truly helped me even in the basic feeling of "all is going to be good" which was very important for me to know. Thank you so much and I will definitely will contact you soon for more help.

I really think that they do help inspire and encourage me at times. Thank you for your time and energy to be authentic and genuine. I do feel that your readings help guide me in some of the directions that I need to go They are so precise and I always look back at them to help me with my life decisions.

I have benefited from many readings from great astrologers over the years and your reading was brilliant, spot on, and extremely insightful. I always look forward to recieving your emails with much anticipation as I really do sense the need of your guidance to help understand and get where I want to be in my life. I feel that since we have been working together I have made much progress and do hope to achive my destiny.

When I was in the cross road.. Your guidelines helps me not to fall into those events that might trap me to become victim And go thru my challenging period.. I can understand myself better.. Thank you so much.. Opened my eyes. It has given me and continues to give a lot of insight into my daily spiritual life.

I consult your reports Destiny, Lunar and Relationships on a daily basis. I integrated these three reports in a general calendar so I have a constant overview of the future influences in my chart. Your astrological analysis mean for me a life lesson in fearless self-knowledge and a wise and dedicated counsel on my personal path to development and achievement.

Thank you very much for your precious time. I find your report easy to follow and I really loved the way it was presented by you. Would like to wish you all the very best and hope you can help more people with your excellent readings. She really is a blessing! Im grateful for your help and for our meeting. I wish many reading and millions of happy people who helped. It is nice to have the guidance of knowing when to shut my mouth and just let it go.


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I cannot thank you enough for your professional services. Since receiving the first few readings I have started looking to the future with more confidence and determination. Much of what I read was like holding a mirror to my past and present and it has helped me to recognise my traits and personality and gain a better understanding of myself. Sometimes it is tough to realize I have developed habits that are hindering my spiritual progress.

It is always helpful to have someone help point out some things in a kind way that need attention. They have provided me with support through a very difficult time in my life, and allowed me to reflect and progress to being in a much better place. I did find it both interesting and insightful. You have been a great supporter. I can assure you that she not only make a cold and accurate work but will try to help you to understand your future, motivations and the context of your life.

Is a human and wise support and guidance. In fact will be a new friend. Characteric traits were accurate. It also gave me a better understanding of myself. Problem areas identified, can be addressed and hopefully sorted out which can hopefully be turned into a positive. Gave me hope and encouragement.

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I will be 86 years old in a couple of weeks and I believe that you have given me a lot of info. I am satisfied with your what you have given me and that is all I want. I will save your email address in case I want something else. On the scale of 1 to 10, I would say 9. However, your readings wording are very technical.

I would say that will be great if you write in layman language. I appreciate the knowledge you have. You are truly great astrologer. I found it very enlightening. I look forward to your predictions, especially in the area of financial improvement. My life could use a positive change. I thoroughly enjoy my readings with Cecilia. Great guidance from the Celestial planes and to work with the energies as they are in that moment and to understand and to go with the flow It s like reading the stars in human body.

I felt it. Still not sure about the relationship reading if man and women fit together. Hopefully stars will know that too. It made me tear up because I felt as if you really know me. It was exactly what I needed and at the right time. I especially liked the soul colour of copper and the root chakra music, the manifestation board, well I loved this reading over all. Thank you very much, Cecilia! Warmest Regards Magdalena. The Astrological readings I have recived from you have been on the spot, most of them. It has been very very helpful and I can only recommend Cecilia.

I try to adapt some thing from each into my daily life. Please note I am not available for the next 8 weeks. It tells a lot of truth about my personality, formal life. I use the forecast, a lot of elements come true day by day. It was a good decision to order your "service". Thank you for supporting my path with your knowledge. I love her letters and she is always able to find what I nead.

Most of things mentioned, related to me so thanks for all your help. It was pretty accurate and precise. Would do it again for next year. Thank You. Nice treat, nice assistance. Thanks for your efforts! I found the reading to be extremely uplifting and informative. I only wish I had extra money to order more of your readings! I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for reaching out to me and appreciate your kindness and sincerity!

Thank you for your help. I feel and I know that I have to change my life. I have to do what I love to do At the moment I am trying to change my life.. Please understand that I would always need your help and professional service despite my financial situations Thank you sincerely for all your help I was impressed with the thorough evaluation and it certainly reflected my inner most workings and was extremely perceptive and valuable! I highly recommend the readings , it is better than any reading I ever received and the it is priceless!

I really found it helpful. You gave me a very accurate and true of my personal reading and I certainly consider it very seriously. It was very accurate. Than u so much for your dedication and diligence and thourugh analysis about my life. Thank you so much for all that work that you have done for me. All your research in my astrology chart has been important and helped me along the road. I also have been very happy with the mails that you have send on matters of urgency.

I hope that many souls will find their road to your guidance! May you be blessed for all your efforts on helping the people find an easier approach to their lifes. Very knowledgeable and very interesting! I look at daily or every couple of days to guide me. Knowing in advance what may happen gives you a chance to change things you may not like and be aware of the great opportunities when arise!

Warmly,Lynne D. Your messages are lengthy, meaningful and appreciated. It would be a pleasure to meet you personally to have a session but not possible. I have always enjoyed your positive and insightful work and thank you for your generous and loving nature. I wish you all the success life has to offer. She goes out of her way and showers a lot of concern over the person she is watching over. I love how contacting you is easy and fast and I love how in depth you are with your readings.

Thank you so much for your guidance. I would do it again. A lot of information you gave me was very helpful. I wish I had the time and finances to have more reading done but unfortunately I have already over spent my budget. Thank you for all your help. I am so happy to have found you and that you became my personal astrologer. I am so surprised with the readings you do. It seems you know me personally and my personal situation. And thanks a lot for the advices you give me.

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I appreciate very much that you do for me. I am so grateful for my destiny for having found you. And i am werry satisfide. The only thing for me sometimes is The english language to anderstand.

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But almost everything I anderstand. Your readings have helped me look deeper into myself and overcome obstacles that previously would have prevented me from achieving my goals. I am still confused but getting stronger everyday! Cecilia is an internationally respected Astrologer and Psychic Medium.

She was born in an English family, Cecilia has moved through out the years across many countries. Living in Canada, Australia and the United States has provided her the opportunity to learn numerous astrology and psychic different techniques from all around the world. She has developed her private practice since which has allowed her to acquire substantial experience and knowledge. Cecilia also works as a Medium and Numerologist. Analyzing your natal chart and your astral configuration she can reveal turning point events and describe accurately your personality, helping you tap into your hidden strengths allowing progress and growth to take place.

As a Tarot Card Reader too, more than 10 years of experience has given to Cecilia the chance to ensure a confidential and private environment for those who require their services and she provides deep and intensive psychic sessions full of enlightenment and astounding revelations! Professional Astrologer. Awarded Author. Honest and Truthful Advice. World famous for her accuracy TV, Use psychic knowledge to get the life you deserve As a professional Psychic Astrologer and life guide I know exactly how psychic knowledge will help you quickly achieve your life goals.

A personal astrologer provides you with the guidance you need to improve your personal finances, close relationships and secure your professional and social aspirations. A birth chart is a snapshot of the cosmos at the time of birth. While most of you out there may only be familiar with your zodiac sign, known as your Sun Sign, there is much more to understanding and decoding a personality than the superficial surface of the Sun Sign. Your birth chart consists of houses and planets—all unique to you, which decipher your personality, feelings, relationships, and actions. Your birth chart shows how you relate to and process the world.

First, you will need to know your birth place, time, and date to start. You can go to astro. A birth chart consists of 12 houses, all which impose a set of traits personal, familial, and societal. These houses revolve counter-clockwise in an axis and are set in pairs, each acting as a counterpart to the other, the yin to its yang. When a planet lives in a House, it lights it up with energy and power, allowing us to understand ourselves and predict events. But, in a more practical sense, the 1st house and the ascendent show who we are, our style, our demeanor, the first impressions we give off— the 1st house is who people meet when they meet us.

The 7th house describes the relationship dynamic we project onto others that we partner with. The 2nd house is concerned with what you have, including your money, job, and other assets. Part of the lesson of this house is learning to enjoy life with all five senses and be truly present in your body. You go from building up your self image in the second house to releasing your ego in the 8th. Peeking at this house in your chart can indicate your approach toward learning, and how your mind takes in and responds to its surroundings. The 9th house governs spirituality, higher learning, philosophy, distant travel, and morals.

The fourth house house trains us to strengthen the sensitivities of our inner home as the prerequisite to make a mark on the world by treating everyone like family and everywhere as home. What kind of world would we live if the beloved community, global home, and family were the ordering principles of civilization? If you're serious about making this world a better place, you team up with others to make a difference.

hey renee astrologer Hey renee astrologer
hey renee astrologer Hey renee astrologer
hey renee astrologer Hey renee astrologer
hey renee astrologer Hey renee astrologer
hey renee astrologer Hey renee astrologer
hey renee astrologer Hey renee astrologer
hey renee astrologer Hey renee astrologer

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