October 16 2019 weekly horoscope

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

The full Moon of the 13th, though, will have a brightening effect, especially where financial arrangements are concerned. Your ability to remain unruffled in the face of resistance will give you the advantage as October begins; and you appear to be brimming with brilliant ideas and confidence. Still, with numerous planets gathering in the darkest corner of your chart, more strategizing and patience will be required before you can proceed full-steam ahead. Venus in Scorpio indicates that a close relationship will thrive if you can give it the attention it demands.

October 16 Libra Personality

October Facing financial facts will give you a firmer grip near the 3rd. And Mars' entrance into Libra on the 4th indicates that it's time to be adventurous and aggressive in exploring new options. A bump in the road that you encounter near the 7th only indicates that you need to press a little harder, and the full Moon of the 13th is all about enjoying life more fully.

Pluto's direct motion on the 3rd makes October a decisive month for Capricorns. It's time to get out there and make your presence felt. It's also important for you to expand your horizons and nurture new contacts. The intense full Moon of the 13th propels you into action, but clashing aspects indicate that you'll need to be careful not to antagonize those whose support you need.

Happily, your social life promises to be unusually upbeat. October Mars—the warrior—moves to the top of you chart on the 4th, and your drive will be unstoppable. Issues rising near the 7th, though, are all about accepting certain limits and working within them. You are now in a position to gain more support and forge brilliant associations; and the full Moon of the 13th also accents strengthening those ties that bind.

This month, Don't let matters over which you have no control distract you from the business at hand. With several favorable planets rising to the zenith of your chart by the 9th, you'll be visible, admired by many, and possibly even in the position to write your own ticket.

You should take every opportunity to cover new ground—or even travel—mid-month. The new Moon of the 28th is a launching pad for new endeavors and directions. October After the 3rd, an issue from the past that's been holding you hostage will begin to be resolved. Saturn harshly aspected in a hidden angle of your chart on the 7th, though, indicates that your concerns about something occurring at a distance may be throwing you off-course.

Focus on what you're trying to achieve right now. Meetings and new connections sparkle. Left : Virginia Woolf. A veil seems to be lifting from your eyes this month. Your direction—or those possibilities that are actually feasible—should become clear to you, so that you'll know how to proceed.

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An emphasis on both shared resources and contacts at a distance is likely to command your attention in October. And while you may need to engage in some tricky negotiations, a quite wonderful accent on travel and new horizons is in your stars near month's end. October Mars's entrance into Libra on the 4th is a stress-lifter, but be prepared to run into some kind of roadblock around new plans near the 7th. No need to panic: conditions will shift in your favor by the 12th, so you should remain focused and consistent. The full Moon of the 13th is the right time to finalize new arrangements—especially of the financial kind.

The Sun, now traveling through your relationship angle, is drawing attention to close relationships of all kinds—and especially your most intimate ties. With Pluto turning direct at the zenith of your chart, some power struggles may erupt, with Mars joining the fray near the 4th. Still, the aspects that follow as the month unfolds promise breakthroughs on various fronts. Be receptive and welcoming, and October will end on a note of genuine harmony.

October After the 3rd, the professional scene will shift, and you'll be able to begin a forward surge you've been contemplating for some time. Try to keep your highly competitive urges under control, because Mars in Libra after the 4th indicates that others will tend to overreact.

The full Moon in your birth sign on the 13th will draw much attention your way. Adrenaline-filled Mars in Libra activates your work angle in October, and you're more prone to inflammation and becoming a bit stressed. Still, the planets are on course to rev up your personal life and significant professional liaisons as well, so don't panic.


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Venus will enter Scorpio on the 8th—a clear sign of greater connection and new understandings. And the new Moon of the 28th indicates that the new leaf you're turning over with others will take you far. October Clashes that crop up near the 1st can be avoided if you don't take a rigid stance. Even if you feel a bit pressured and unappreciated near the 7th, once Venus enters your relationship angle by the 8th, you enter a more upbeat and romantic phase.

The full Moon of the 13th, though, urges you to enjoy some private time, or to escape to a stress-free environment.

Be ready to get outdated financial arrangements on a new track as October begins, and also to focus on creative and entrepreneurial projects. Your social life is spotlighted by the Sun and Mars in Libra, and the period near the full Moon of the 13th calls you out to play and forge new connections.

Numerous planets crowding into your work angle later in the month make October the perfect time to bring long-cherished plans to fruition. October Mars enters Libra on the 4th, giving you an energy boost that lasts all month. You can make a great deal of headway with your most important plans, even if you run into an obstacle on the 7th. Break free from whatever's inhibiting you on the 12th, and get out and promote your bright ideas on the full Moon of the 13th.

The 15th holds real potential for professional breakthroughs. October is always an important time of year for you, where family and lifestyle issues are concerned. If others aren't on the same page as you near the 1st, give them a bit of time to come around. And be ready to think out of the box, and not let others' fear of change throw you off-course. Happily, the most playful and self-expressive part of your chart will begin to increasingly light up as the month unfolds, and fun is in your forecast. October Pluto turning direct in your relationship angle on the 3rd means that you're leaving some kind of issue or shared problem behind, and can move forward towards a clearer future.

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october 16 2019 weekly horoscope October 16 2019 weekly horoscope
october 16 2019 weekly horoscope October 16 2019 weekly horoscope
october 16 2019 weekly horoscope October 16 2019 weekly horoscope
october 16 2019 weekly horoscope October 16 2019 weekly horoscope
october 16 2019 weekly horoscope October 16 2019 weekly horoscope
october 16 2019 weekly horoscope October 16 2019 weekly horoscope
october 16 2019 weekly horoscope October 16 2019 weekly horoscope

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