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We seek truth in everything, good AND bad. Also, u may want to consider how that energy u were projectibg here contributes to that perception for u. I suffer the consequences rather than change my mind. If u ask for my opinion, brace yourself for fireworks.

Sun enters Scorpio

God it feels good to be a part of such a beautiful cusp family! I love having 2 signs…. I love being fixed air and cardinal water…. I was born that day as well, in My personality is so Scorlibran. I was always confused when I was a kid and I would read horoscope books because some said the 23rd was Scorpio and others said it was Libra.

I never knew what I was, but thought that both kind of sounded like me. I ponder the meaning of life way too much and am critical of alot of things. Omg, Kicia you are not alone on that thought. I have always wondered and felt that I could do that to an extent. I love being a librorpio.

My last-minute, impulsive decisions and stubbornness have paid off in many ways. I love to explore new places, take risks, pet sharks… And for some reason, people become addicted to me. Try creating yourself as an individual instead of relying on the stars. Western astrology, particularly the zodiac, was started before heliocentrism, ie. My favorite color is bruise black, purple, blue, and green.

I love learning, but prefer knowing. I was born on Oct. So, pretty much as close to the transition as possible. And alot of what described in this Libra-Scorpio cusp is exactly who I am. Alot of the good stuff, and scared to say alot, and I mean alot of the bad stuff as well. Too creepy.!! I like being around people as much As I enjoy alone time, which is a little too much. I also have trouble balancing the emotional Scorpio with intellect libra and often get too emotionally tongue tied in conflicts which I avoid like the plague!

I never got why my sign always says this, but maybe it is because I am a cusper. Other than this, I love my sign! Sorry for the wall of text and love to all my fellow scobrans! I was born on October 25th funny how my mother is a libra and my father is a scorpio. I never knew I was considered a cusp sign I feel I embody more scorpio traits personally. Myself, father, and brother are all scorpios.

You could imagine a very emotional house hold. Roll with your over thinking and use it to your advantage. Then try to use better English when writing. Very Prideful and truthful wwhich can be unintentionally painful to others. Extremely Moody inside but to others it appear that were fine. Very Big on Respect and if done wrong it makes a horrible outcome.

For me what often tend to pull me in a relationship is a person who is mysterious who can make me wonder about them.. Idk maybe its just me but I love to learn about everything in everyway, Especially, love, Sex, And Creepy and wierd But also death. Anyway, I feel you fellow critical thinkers. I seriously think that is all i do. My brain never shuts off, I hate it sometimes. In any case, I also very much enjoy hanging with friends.

Anyway, good to know you all exist. Which is not a scorpio quality, right? Anyway, the way I see it, is Why let someone have that type of control over you?

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I know right, easier said than done. Yay for like-minded people! I am exactly in the middle of these two signs. My birthday is October 22nd which is sometimes the end of Libra and sometimes the beginning of Scorpio. I see many people r born on the 23rd. I am a 21st, so does that mean I am full libra???

I am just recently learning about my sign in trying to figure why I do things I do. Just a little FYI about what I have discovered and analyzed about myself is that it takes alot for me to get pissed off an mad at someone. I do try to avoid conflict beacause I would rather opt for peace and talk things out, but if someone has truly crossed the line with me and has done something to personally and intentionally offend me then the sharp sarcastic tongue comes out which it could then take a turn for the worse, but it has to be something really horrible to make me go out like that.

I hate to say it but when I done with someone…I am truly done with them. I can be somewhat indecisive at times. I am easygoing laid back and sensitive.

Born on the Cusp Between Two Zodiac Signs

Also I the ability to read other people in little to no time. This helps me in making a decision as to if I want them to be in my circle. This is typically not me because I have alot energy and like to do new adventurous things. I am a scorpio sun born on 24th but I am a leo rising and a Taurus moon.

I am born on 23rd october love to see many born nn my bdate. Yes we people are attractive and charming as i am. I was born on the 23rd as well!

Born on the Leo-Virgo Cusp? Sorry, You’re Not Both Signs |

I am also shocked with how many 23rd people commented. My personality, I over Analyze a lot of things, I hate being ignored biggest pet peeve , very private but occasionally get overwhelmed with emotions. Honest, Genuine, Caring, very Passionate about my feelings my rights my hobbies. I just want to be loved. Some times too much. I like to get what I want soon or later. I like to read people. Analize them before even talking to them. I like to investigate and go deeper in anything that gets my attention.

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Helping people pleases me. Giving positive attitude is important to me. I hide my feelings. Keep myself private. I like solo time. People come to me for advise. I am very emotional. I can be very quiet and to myself some times. Other times loud and too funny. I turned 35 and still feel like im in my late 20s. OMG you just described me to a tee!

I also tend to hibernate and like my alone time, but also love the company of others. Pay back is a bitch for me. This is also in response to my need for balance and harmony. About to turn 38 this coming Oct…feeling more like turning 28 lol. I felt like I was reading about myself…Super emotional and enjoy helping people.

I am a perfectly mature teen. I hope. I am a Scorpio sun, Scorpio moon, and Libra rising- jus to be more specific. I know I have a problem with my forceful personality and my tongue is quite sharp, but I like those qualities of myself. The point is- I like being this cusp. I tend to keep going with those decisions too, even though I feel horribly because I that decision. Jessica, about making the wrong decisions and then continuing to go on with them, I know exactly what you mean! I know my pride gets in the way a LOT. Sometimes I need to let go a little more. The view from my side is quite similar to the one you shared, but I can see that we value different aspects of it.

Yes, my thought process is time-consuming, leading to problems in life — especially where deadlines are concerned. I have an intense intellect, because I am empowered by the knowledge I have meticulously gathered. I am willing to share this knowledge with others, because it makes me happy and I hope to provide the same to others. However, if I feel like my interests or expressions are not being appreciated, I will refrain.

I am very passionate about finding what I can value in life, creating a serious focus on my search which, if unappreciated, can become an Achilles Heel. My individuality is of much concern; enriched with Scorpio fixedness, and passion, but able to balance out the selfishness with the Libra scales. If left in my own mind, the control I have over my thoughts and feelings can evolve into a sense of superiority, which is why its important I relate to other people, to humanize myself, and to provide secure connections for others.

I express myself compulsively to intentionally receive feedback, which then fuels changes directly affecting me. Therefore expressing the Plutonian energy for regeneration, which builds upon the self I present. I am who I always was, and yet I am becoming what is necessary to feel fulfilled.

Libra scorpio cusp personality

My sense of fulfillment comes from providing to others these breaths of fresh air that I have come upon. I am not fully happy unless others can enjoy my pleasures, and I cannot express my sorrows unless others can see the logic behind them. I know I have a highly evolved way of communicating, and expressing to others the intensity of my values, which also inadvertently affects those close to me. I say inadvertent, because I know what makes me happy does not sate everyone. My search for happiness is what I want others to validate, so they can find their own happiness, which is where any Scorpio manipulation may occur — not to bend, break, or take from others, but to show them how they can provide for themselves.

This makes it very hard for me to ask for help when I confront obstacles as well, and therefore my ability to coerce kicks in, but I will not ask, expect, or attempt to gain anything that I feel is unearned, unwarranted, or beyond the means of the provider. I am a fair Scorpio, who can self-indulge in emotions, but will use intellect to balance out.

My thoughts and actions may seem indecisive, therefore flighty, but the person you see, is who I will always be, which is an individual seeking harmony between the emotional self and the intelligent civilization. Your rulers are the beautiful Venus and her dark sexy stranger Pluto and your elements air and water, creating some rather misty windows! And you certainly like a good challenge. Wild and blunt, you say it like it is.

You can scale the heights or plump the depths in your thirst for adventure and you simply thrive on crisis and intensity. Your instincts and wisdom mean you have a knack for understanding people although you yourself might often be misunderstood. Your rulers are transformer Pluto and lucky expansive Jupiter, giving you unbending faith and X-ray vision. Your elements are water and fire, creating a jet of steam that can burn through anything! The world is your oyster. Your rulers are expansive Jupiter and hard working Saturn, giving you the perfect blend for success, and your elements fire and earth creating rising lava and volcanic rock.

You sit uncomfortably between two worlds, trying to belong to both: conservative yet eccentric, responsible yet rebellious, traditional yet unconventional. You have a great head for abstract ideas as well as business. You're quite cool and self restrained and can be distant and aloof. Your rulers are Saturn, representing the old guard, and Uranus, the rebel! Your elements are air and earth, giving rise to clever ideas, like windmills and turbo jets. Did you arrive from another dimension?

You can be quite naive and overly idealistic, expecting the world to fit into the perfect fantasy utopia you carry in your head. Astrology Library. October 14, Astrology Library. Here are the zodiac sign cusps for all you undecideds out there as well as those born roughly between the 19 and 23 of the month, give or take a couple of days… Partaking of two star signs not only brings twice the gifts. Get that weight off your shoulders. Speak to a psychic guide NOW!

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astrology october 19 cusp Astrology october 19 cusp
astrology october 19 cusp Astrology october 19 cusp
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