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There are no prodigies. All things result from natural law. If you would live the perfect give forth your life in service for your kind, and for the forms of life that men esteem the lower forms. In days of old they trod the busy thoroughfares of life, and caught the melody of birds, and played on harps of perfect form. But Jesus could not tarry longer in Lahore; he bade the priests and other friends farewell ; and then Jesus in Persia. But he regarded not their angry threats; he. Teaches and Jesus crosses Persia. Three heals in many places. The seven masters sit in silence seven days.

Jesus neared Persepolis; and then they girt themselves, and went to meet him on the way. And Jesus told the thrilling story of his life,. Holy One and man. The laws and precepts of the coming age required all the wisdom of the masters of the world. If you read that two will. Jesus attends a feast in Persepolis. Speaks to the people, reviewing the magian philosophy. Explains the Spends the night in origin of evil. He has the power, and he uses it, to mix God's good things in a multitude of ways, and every day he makes discordant sounds, and evil things.

Tell me about this Silence and this light, that I may go and there abide. The Silence is not circumscribed; is not a place closed in with wall, or rocky steeps, nor guarded by the sword of man. None but the pure in heart may enter here. These waters that will fail are honored as the special blessing of your God. Why is your God so partial with his gifts? Why does he bless this spring today, and then tomorrow take his blessings all. Let every one who has this 11 faith in God and in himself plunge in these waters now and wash.

Behold a master soul She came to earth to teach to men the power of faith. The very air we breathe is filled with balm of life. Breathe in this balm of life in faith and be made whole. The people marveled much what they heard and saw; they said. This man must surely be the god of health made flesh. The fount 22 at of life is not a little pool ; it is as wide as are the spaces of the heavens. Jesus in Assyria, to the Euphrates; then with a pledge that they would meet again in Egypt land the masters said.

Jesus bids the magians farewell. Goes to Assyria. Teaches the people in Ur of Chaldea. Meets Ashbina, with whom he visits many towns and cities, teaching and healing the sick. Two thousand years and more ago, our Father Abraham lived here in Ur, and then he worshipped God the One, and taught the people in these sacred groves.

Although so many years have passed since Abraham and Sarah walked these ways, a remnant of 7 their kindred still. And in their hearts the God of Abraham is still adored, and faith 8 justice are the rocks on which they build. It is no more the fruitful land that Abraham loved so well; the rains come not as in the former times; the vine is not productive now, and withered are.

Jesus and 4-shhina visit Babylon and remark its desolation. The two masters remain in company seven days; then Jesus resumes his homeward journey. Arrives in Nazareth. His mother gives a feast in. His brothers are dishis honor. Jesus tells his mother and aunt the story of his journeys. Behold, for you are greatly blest today, because a prophet of the living God has come to you.

Behold the grandeur of the works of man! Then Jesus went his way, after many days he crossed the Jordan to his native land. At once he sought his home in Nazareth. To others he told not the story of his life. Jesus visits Greece and is welcomed by the Athenians. Meets Apollo. Addresses the Grecian masters in the Amphitheater. The address. In ages long ago, men, wise in nature's laws, sought out and found the place on which your city stands. Of all the parts of earth there 11 is no place more sensitized, more truly spirit-blest, than that where Athens stands. No other land has been the home-.

The Grecian masters were astonished at the wisdom of his words; they answered not. Jesus teaches the Greek masters. Goes with Apollo to Delphi and hears the Oracle speak. It testifies He abides with Apollo, for him. Explains to Apollo the phenomenon of oracular speech. They came from near and far to hear the Living Oracle speak forth the wisdom of the gods.

And Jesus did accompany him. Is it an angel, man, or living god? It is not angel, man, nor god that speaks. It is the matchless wisdom of the master minds of Greece, united in a master. The God that saves dwells in and manifests by making use of your own feet, and legs, and arms, and hands. But when you do your best and do your work, you offer unto God a sacrifice 15 well-pleasing in his sight.

Apollo, with the highest masters of the land and many people from the varied walks of life, stood on the shore to see the Hebrew sage depart; and Jesus said, of man has been in has stood in temples of a multitude of foreign gods; has preached the gospel of good will and peace on earth to many people, tribes and tongues; 21 Has been received with favor in a multitude of homes but Greece. Grecian thought; the depth of her philosophy; the height of her unselfish aspirations have well fitted her to be the champion of the cause of human liberty. Holy Breath, and be a main spring power of earth.

Apollo raised his hand in silent benediction, and the people wept. Elihu and Salome praise God. Jesus goes to the temple in Heliopolis andis received as a pupil. When last the son of Mary saw these sacred groves he was a babe; 3 And now a man grown strong by buffetings of every kind a teacher who had stirred the multitudes ;. Your wisdom is the wisdom of the gods; why seek for wisdom in the halls of men?

Take then the vow of secret brotherhood And Jesus took the vow of secret brotherhood. Go forth and search till you have found your soul and then return. Jesus receives from the hierophant his mystic name and number. Passes the first brotherhood test,. One night he slept and at 11 the midnight hour, a door that he had not observed, was opened, and a priest in somber garb came in and said,. The circle is the symbol of the man, and seven is the number of the perfect man; 3 The Logos is the perfect word 2. My brother, man, would you come here to teach.

I within these holy deceit? Not while the sun shall shine. What I have said, that I have said; I will be true to them, to God, and to myself. And then he led the way, and Jesus stood before the deceit,. These priests are criminals just hid away. We pray you, brother, break your chains; come, go with us; accept of freedom while you may. Your little tapers show the light you bring.

The words of man are worth no more than is the. Logos did not care to rest THE he said, Why wait in this luxurious room? I need not rest; my Father's work upon me presses hard. If there are trials, let them come, for every victory over self gives added strength. Beneath these walls are many hidden ways,. My soul prefers the darkness of the grave He read the sacred. Begone, you men, begone, to this charming light; for while the sun shines not, within my soul there is a light surpassing that of sun or moon.

Few men of earth, so young, have reached such heights of fame. Go forth and walk with men, and think with men, and they will honor you. Behold, all die and lie together in the grave, where none can know and none can.


Abraham Ibn Ezra on Elections, Interrogations, and Medical Astrology

I ask not for the glory of thyself; I fain would be a keeper of thy temple gates, and serve my brother man. The giddy throng found 11 pleasure in abusing him; they jostled him against the wall, and laughed at his discomfiture. And after he had conquered he talked with nature in these groves for forty days. I will go forth and find that child, that. Who was it that did bind me thus? Why did I meekly sit to be bound down with chains?

What is this darkness that envelops me? Let there be light; and with a mighty will he stirred the ethers up, and their vibrations reached the plane of light and there was light. Of what are souls afraid? Fear is the chariot in which man rides to death; 16 And when he finds himself within the chamber of the dead, he learns that he has been deceived; his chariot was a myth, and death a fancy child.

I did not know that such entrancing beauty and such queen-like loveliness were ever found among the sons of men. Thoughts of the maiden came; they would not go. His carnal nature called aloud for her companionship. Shall I forget all creatures else,. The hierophant himself ap31 peared, and said. All hail! The conqueror of carnal love stands on the heights.

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They absorb your very life until at you will be naught but grief, tears. Jesus becomes a private pupil of the hierophant and is taught the mysIn passing the teries of Egypt. He seeks your solace now as he has ever done ; is glad when you are glad; is saddened when you grieve. Death is a cruel word; your son can never die. This lifeless body needs no help from me; but I can help while yet life is; my mother taught me this.

The hierophant arose and said, 3 This is a royal day for all the hosts of Israel. In honor of their chosen son we celebrate the great Passover Feast. Six times before the bar of you have been judged; six times you have received the highest honors man can give; and now you stand prepared to take the last degree. You are a neophyte no more; but now a master mind. Jesus passes the seventh brotherhood test, and in the purple room of the temple receives the seventh, the highest degree, He leaves the temple. The great doors of the temswung ajar; the Logos journeyed on his way a conqueror.

They seek a God not made with hands. Our priests. No longer do they care for gods hewn out of. We know that Ught is coming o'er the hills. God speed the 11 light. Meeting of the sages, continued. Opening addresses. Jesus with the sages. Seven days' silence. The sun reveals all hidden truth. There are no mysteries in. All Egypt craves the light. The need of Hebrew thought and life is liberty. The greatest needs of Greece are true concepts of God. They read the story of the life of man; of all his struggles, losses, gains; and in the light of past events and needs, they saw what would be best for him in com-.

Empire of the soul, on seven postulates. All things are thought; all thought activity. The multitude of beings are but phases of the one great thought made manifest. Lo, God is Thought, and Thought is God. Ashbina wrote the fourth: Seeds do not germinate in light; they do not grow until they find the soil, and hide themselves away from light. Men only gain the heights by helping others gain the heights.

Apollo speaks is child of Wisdom and of Will divine, and God has sent it forth to earth in flesh that. The seven battles must be fought, the seven victories won before the carnal. And Philcr wrote the seventh 14 A perfect man! To bring before the Triune God a being such as this was nature made.

The remaining postulates. The sages bless Jesus, Seven days' silence,. The soul is drawn to perfect light by four white steeds, and these are Will, and Faith, and Helpfulness and Love. And this is all. Though carnal man will prostitute its sacred laws, symbolic rites and forms, for selfish ends, and make it but an outward show, the few will find through it the kingdom of the soul.

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Praise God! These are the seven hills on which the holy city shall be built. And when the better age come the Universal Church will stand upon the seven postulates, and will be built according 15 shall. The time has come; I go my Jerusalem, and by the power of living faith, and by the strength that you have given, He is. The rulers. He clothed himself with skins of beasts; his food was carobs, honey, nuts and fruits. They sought for John intent to do him harm. They found him not. You have defrauded friend. John, the harbinger, again visits Jerusalem.

Speaks to the people. Promises to meet them at Gilgal in seven days. Goes to Bethany and attends a feast. Reform, O Israel, reform; 11 prepare to meet your king. O think you not that all the sinners of Judea are found among the rulers and the men of wealth. John, the harbinger, visits Jericho. Meets the people at Gilgal. Announces his mission. Introduces the rite of baptism. Baptizes many people. Returns to Bethany and teaches. Returns to the Jordan. What must we.

John answered them, 19 Be honest in your work; do not increase for tribute selfish. The harbinger replied, But to their questions John replied, In water I do cleanse, symbolic of the cleansing of the soul; 23 lo,. I tell you, no. His fan is in his hand, and he will separate the wheat and chaff; will throw the chaff away, but garner every grain of wheat. This is the Christ.

Behold, Elijah has returned! And if you need to wash I am not worthy to perform the rite. Jesus goes to the wilderness for selfexamination, where he remains Is subjected to three temptations. He overcomes. Returns to the camps of John and begins teaching. It is no sign that one is son of God because he does a miracle; the devils can do mighty things. Andrew, Philip were talking with the harbinger, the Logos came, and John exclaimed. Behold the as. This you can surely do; for 11 did not David say, He gives his angels charge concerning you, and.

And Jesus answered, Come and see. Simon, saying. Come with me, for have found the Christ. My heart is fixed; I spurn this carnal self with all its vain ambition and its pleasures pride. He then was hungry, but his friends had found him and they ministered to him. Nathaniel said. Can anything of Nazareth? And Philip answered, Come and see. Behold an Israelite indeed in whom there is no guile!

He goes with his disciples to Bethany. We came from Gahlee to John; we thought that he was Christ, but he confessed to us that he was not; 16 That he was but the harbinger sent forth to clear the way, and make the pathway easy for the coming king; and when you came he said, Behold the Christ! Lord, tell us what to do. But men are slow to comprehend this doctrine of the Christ. Behold these multitudes of women, children, men they throng the avenues, they crowd the outer courts; each seems to be intent to be the first to meet the king.

He throws his great net out into the sea of human life he draws it in ify the lower self; ;. Jesus speaks to the people in Bethany, Tells them how to become pure in Goes to Jerusalem and in heart. Goes to Nazareth,. Look not upon the flesh; it is not king. Look to the Christ within, who shall be formed in every one of you, as he is formed in me.

And then the people asked, What must we do that we may make our bodies fit abiding places 15 for the king? Jesus and the ruler of the synagogue of Nazareth. Jesus teaches not in public, and the people are amazed. This Jesus is the Christ of whom our prophets wrote; he is the king of Israel.

His mother, Mary, lives on Marmion. And many of the people said. We know that Jesus is the Christ, the king who was to come, and blessed be his name. Behold the The multitudes Christines come! I come the Christ of God; I answer unto God alone. Behold, for he will come, says God, the Lord of hosts. My proof lies in my words and works, and so if you will follow me you will not lack for proof. And that was all that Jesus said. The wine has failed; what shall we do? They are but certain kinds of thought made manifest, and I can manifest that thought, and water will be wine.

Bring in six water pots of stone, a pot for each of these, my followers, and fill them up with water to the brims, 12 The servants brought the water pots, and filled them to their. He turns water into marriage. The people are amazed. And Jesus with a mighty thought stirred up the ethers till they reached the manifest, and, lo, the water blushed, and turned to wine.

Cana, Galilee, there was a marIN riage feast, and Mary and her Miriam, and Jesus and his six disciples were among the guests. This is not marriage genuine; it is a counterfeit. This man is more than man; he surely is the christed one who prophets of the olden times declared would come. Jesus, his six disciples and his mother, go to Capernaum, Jesus teaches the people, revealing the difference between the kings of earth and the kings of heaven, city of Capernaum was by THE the sea of Galilee, and Peter's.

The homes of Andrew, John and James were near, 2 These men were fishermen, and must return to tend their nets, and they prevailed on Jesus and his mother to accompany them, and soon with Philip and Nathaniel they were resting by the sea in Peter's home. The human senses sense what seems to be, and that which seems to be and that which is, may be diverse in every way. JesiLsAn Jerusalem. Drives the merThe chants out of the temple.

Capernaum and journeyed to Jerusalem. He is the Christ of whom our prophets wrote; he is the king who will deliver this Jesus Israel. Who gave you right to. Jesus called the priests and said, Behold, for paltry gain you have sold out the temple of the Lord. The Jews knew not the mean1 ing of his words; they laughed his claims to scorn.

I have, myheard Jesus speak, and all the winds were still. He stands a sage above the sages of the world 24 And you will see his star the full-orbed Sun of Righteousness. Take these lands and all I have; enhance their values; rule yourselves, peace. And then the priests cried out, This fellow claims to be the God. Is not this sacrilege!

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No man has ever heard me say, I am a king. Our Father-God is king. With every loyal Jew I worship God. I am the candle of the Lord 31 aflame to light the way; and while you have the light walk in the light. He saw his people in their cruel wars; he saw them sick and sore distressed; he saw the strong enslave the weak, 9 And then he said.

What shall Shall I send forth a scourge? Defines messiahship. He sent his son; the people 11 scorned him and maltreated him, and nailed him to a cross. A lawyer came and asked, does messiah mean? Messiahs are not made I could. Jesus heals on the Sahhath, and is censured by the Pharisees. Restores a drowned child. Rescues a wounded dog. Cares for a homeless child. Speaks on the law of kindness. No man has ever heard me say that I am king.

Disease is discord in the huform, and discords are produced in many ways. If you had fallen in a pit and, 11 lo, the Sabbath day had come, and I should pass your way, would you cry out, 12 Let me alone; it is a sin to help me on the Sabbath day; I'll swelter in this filth until another. Full blessed are the pure in heart 5 Twice blessed are the fearless, pure in heart; 6 Thrice blessed are the fearless, pure in heart who dare to make confession of their faith before the highest courts.

Can he go back into the womb and come again to life? The birth of which I speak is not the birth of flesh. Except a man be born of 11 water and the Holy Breath, he cannot come into the kingdom of the Holy One. Jesus in Bethlehem. Explains the Empire of Peace to the shepherds. An unusual light appears.

The shepherds recognize Jesus as the Christ,. Logos went to Bethlehem, THE and many people followed him. Behold the life of innocence and peace 9 White is the symbol of the virtuous and pure! Bethlehem were clothed with light again the messenger exclaimed, 24 Peace, peace on earth, good will to men. Our father Abraham walked through these vales, and on these very hills he watched his flocks and And here it was that one, the Prince of Peace, the king of SaUm, came; the Christ in human form; a greater far than Abraham was he.

He had no sword; no armor of defence; no. Her home was down in Jericho; her husband was the keeper of an inn; his name was Asher-ben. Talk not of Christ, nor of the kingdom of the Holy One. What shall I do? Your husband is not willingly at fault; he is devout; he prays to God, our Father-God. His zeal for his religion is in11 tense; in this he is sincere; but it has driven him insane, and he believes it right to keep his home unsullied by the heresy of Christ.

Jesus in Jericho. Heals a servant of Goes to the Jordan and Asher. Establishes baptism as a pledge of discipleBaptizes six disciples, who ship. Until this age shall close this 11 pledge shall be a rite, and shall be. John the harbinger, was the Salim Springs where water was abundant, and there he preached and washed the bodies of the people who confessed their sins. They say that he is at the Jordan ford; that he is building up a church, or something else, and that he washes people, just as you have called the Christ,.

Baptism rite; and it shall be a sign to men, and seal to God of men's discipleship. Come unto me; the Christine gate is opened up; turn from your sins and be baptized, and you shall enter through the gate and see the king. This Jesus indeed the Christ whose way I came to pave.

He is not foe- of mine. Christ the groom; and I, the harbinger, am full of joy because they prosper so abundantly. John, the harbinger, at Salim. A lawyer inquires about Jesus. John explains to the multitude the mission of Jesus. All kingdoms rise by force of arms; for force selfishness; for self is. This Jesus comes to overthrow this iron rule of force, and seat Love on the throne of power. And Jesus fears no man.

He 11 Lamaas finds Jesus at the Jordan. The masters recognize each other. He ministers at shrines not made with hands; his temples are the hearts of holy men who are prepared to see the king. He is on friendly terms with God; is not afraid of him, and he is able, and is bold enough, to lay his body on the altar of the Lord.

Their way lay through Samaand as they journeyed on they came to Sychar, which was near the plot of ground that Jacob gave to. Joseph when a youth. Jacob's well was there, sat beside the well in silent thought, and his disciples went into the town to purchase bread. Sir, I would drink from that rich well of life. Give me to drink, that I may thirst.

Go call your husband from the town that he may share with you this living cup. They traffic not; then why ask drink? To you there is no sacredness and you affinitize with any man. Will you not condescend to tell me who you are? What you have said, I do not say. One place is just as sacred as another place. Come out and see. And multitudes went out to Jacob's well.

Lift up your eyes and look; the fields are golden with the rip-. Dortion of this food; you must be '. While Jesus is teaching, his disciples come and marvel because he speaks with a Samaritan. Many people from Sychar come to see Jesus. The modern textbook of astrology The I Ching and its associations The I Ching and Mankind The I Ching and You Exploring the Road less Travelled: A study guide for small groups Psycho-Pictography: The new way to use the miracle power of your mind Reincarnation for the Christian Jungian symbolism in astrology: Letters from an astrologer Jungian symbolism in astrology: Letters from an astrologer Astrological Psychosynthesis: The integration of personality, love and intelligence in the horoscope.

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Assa Library List. Marque por contenido inapropiado. Carrusel Anterior Carrusel Siguiente. Mars at PunarVasu in the Sign Gemini Earth Quake in USA. Buscar dentro del documento. Anderson, U. BLA Blavatsky, H. CAR Carter, C.

Rabbi Kin Libra (Astrology)

Translated ; Sherrill, W. DAV Davison, R. Confusion of the various meanings has led to a misidentification of the celestial phenomena so denominated in the Bible. Isaiah For the stars of heaven and Orion and the whole array of heaven will not give out light and it will be dark when the sun arises and the moon will not give out its light. Thou shalt take up this proverb against the king of Babylon, and say, How hath the oppressor ceased! Sheol , Gk. Thus in Gen. The king of Babylon is the brightest such luminary, according to this passage, as he is identified with Venus, the brightest luminary in the sky, excepting only the sun and moon the latter typing God and the Messiah.

B Summary and Synthesis. It is represented in the night sky by the great Circle of circumpolar stars called Arcturus in antiquity. In Hebrew the word maadanoth can also mean Edenic delights. The delights maadanoth of Eden are what caused the fall of the human race into bondage maadanoth , and thus the story of the Fall was read into the star-patterns of the circumpolar stars Kimah.

The fact these stars never set beneath the horizon, but whirl continually around the pole, was understood to be a symbol of the eternal nature of the world of the heavenly Paradise.

Scorpio by Rabbi Kin

Hence the dual meaning. A lyre the constellation Lyra and circlet the constellation Corona are therefore emblems of the maadanoth in the circumpolar stellar region Kimah in Graeco-Roman astrology. Hesperis is the female form of Hesperos , corresponding precisely to the female Hebrew form Aish. The Hesperides are the Pleiades, who were known variously as the Hesperides, the Pleiades and the Atlantides. In the spiritual sense, the maadanoth kimah are the bonds of time in which the fallen daughters stars of Eve, represented by the Hesperides or Pleiades, are enmeshed.

The Pleiades cluster is situated in Taurus, amongst the Zodiacal constellations which rise and set. Hesperos means here, as it usually does, the planet Venus in its evening aspect. For Hesperos is not only the planet Venus as an evening luminary, but also the male eponymus of the Hesperides the Pleiades , as Hesperis is the female eponymus of the same constellation. Naphil in the singular is nephilim in the plural. II Kings And he caused the Khomarim to cease which the kings of Judah appointed — and they offered incense in the high places and in the cities of Judah and the districts surrounding Jerusalem, — and those who offered incense to Baal and to the Sun and the Moon, and to Mazouroth and to all the host of heaven.

The signs of the Zodiac as astrologers know them can be shown to have developed out of the Hebrew Mazzaloth or month-names. These month-names go back into the second millennium BC and earlier in Mesopotamia, and so do the Zodiac signs and symbols. Cain was excluded in the genealogical scheme, as can be seen from the Biblical genealogies, because he was the seed of the serpent by the adultery of Eve.

The Biblical genealogies never refer to Cain as a son, let alone as the seed [single representative of the bloodline], of Adam. The sign Triangulum just above the head of the Aries lamb was then taken to be a representation of the sharp plow stone which Cain used to kill Abel. Ziv for zehiv means, therefore, splendor, radiance, countenance, bloom of light or vegetation , and it is also used as a descriptive term meaning splendid, noble person.

The root z-h-h also means in a transferred sense from the idea of glistening, be radiant to be proud, haughty, and wanton. Thus the redness of the lustful, or arrogant, or angry, eye of the bull. Here too is a reference to the radiant blooms which characterize the month of Ziv. The Mesopotamian name for this month was Aiaru, which was borrowed later by the Hebrews though not in the Scriptures as Iyyar.

Sivan is the Hebrew spelling of this month-name. The Babylonian spelling was Simanu. The root is Heb. Later but not in the Hebrew Bible it was called Tammuz after the Babylonian god whose festival fell in this month. The cluster of offspring or souls was the star-cluster Praesepe within the Zodiac sign. In this month the moon in Old Testament Israelite times was in the constellation Leo, the lion Latin leo being the animal most noted for its boldness.

Hence, no doubt, the origin of that animal sign in early Near Eastern and later in Graeco-Roman astrology for the month Hamishi. This is the month of the grape harvest, when the moon in Old Testament Israelite times was in the constellation Virgo. Alal is onomatopoeic, and in the Near East the sound represented by this verb is enunciated, within and outside the context of harvest and war, most commonly by women as a token of joy or sorrow.

This is the seventh month, when the moon in Old Testament Israelite times was in the sign of Libra. The word ethanim is also used to denote hard , enduring rocks of the kind which were used as weights in scales. The scales of the sign Libra are tilted, one pan stretching down farther than the other, and this reflects another sense of the Hebrew root of the month-name, viz.

At this time of year came continual rain-storms which flooded the wadis narrow channels through the desert cliffs, in some seasons dry and waterless and made them flow continually : hence the word ethanim means also perennial streams. The Mesopotamian name for this month was Tashritu, which was borrowed later by the Hebrews but not in the Scriptures in the form Tishri. This is the month in Old Testament Israelite times when the moon was in what is nowadays referred to as the sign of Scorpio. He is wrapped around with a serpent, viz.

Alongside this sign also is Draco, the great Serpent Gk. The neighboring constellation Aquila is the eagle. The desert land is symbolized in Graeco-Roman astrology by the sign of the scorpion Scorpio underneath, that is to the south of, the stars of Ophiuchus. Scorpio itself, crushed by the heel of Ophiuchus, and forming a single sign there at the conjoined heel and heart of the scorpion the star Antares , is the Hebrew month-sign Bul. The whole sign was one unit in the ancient system: it was the Eagle, or the Eagle-headed Man, or, the Man Holding the Power Rod of the Eagle Storm in the act of crushing the Scorpion, and thus might be represented either by an Eagle or a Scorpion.

The Mesopotamian name for this month was Arachsamna. This was borrowed by the Hebrews though it does not appear in the Bible as Marcheshvan. Eshmun was the Classical god Asclepius, whose figure was seen in Ophiuchus, Ophiuchus being the wrestler of the serpent Serpens of evil and diseases, and the trampler of the Scorpion Scorpio , which inflicts boils by its sting. The next month moon-position is called Kislev in Hebrew, which name can be split two ways: either k-s-l and l-w , or k-s and l-w. Capricornus in Latin is a fish-tailed gazelle.

The name, in this case too, has a Near-Eastern origin. So arises the month-name when gales are common. In this case the water is poured from the sky onto earth as though of a smiting by God , from above to below, instead of from below to above, from the river or stream onto land as it is with the shaduf. It was the season of gloomy, cloud-covered skies, and of turbid stream-water washed down from higher ground by the rain. There are two fishes in this sign because the month Adar is doubled in some years, resulting in a First Adar and Second Adar.

This happens every three years or so, in order to keep the lunar cycle by which the months are regulated in line with the solar year,. That the tribal order in the Camp, with corresponding stones and star-signs, was based on the trigons or triplicities is proven by the pattern that can be found in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 6, recording the opening of the Seven-Sealed Book. When each of the Cherubim opens a Seal in that order, the contents of the vision opened by the Seal reflect the Zodiac signs in the same triplicity as that particular Cherub.

Revelation Chapter 6 KJV :. There were four Camps and each Camp was comprised of three tribes, with a chief tribe for each Camp: the four chief tribes were Judah, Dan, Ephraim and Reuben. These four personal tribal signs Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus are adjacent signs in the Zodiac, as they are adjacent in the Camp formation in anti-clockwise order around it , and, in fact, these are the four Zodiac signs through which the sun in midsummer has historically been located, as it has slipped back because of precession from the time of Adam to the present.

In the years or so from Adam to the Flood of Noah the sun in midsummer was in the sign of Leo, in the years or so between the Flood and Jesus Christ, that is in the era of ancient Israel, the sun in midsummer had slipped back to a location within the sign of Cancer, in the years or so of the Church Ages it had slipped back to a location within the sign of Gemini, and very recently, at the close of the 20th century, it has moved back into the sign of Taurus. This Ziv-Taurus is the last sign in the Camp order. The junction of Taurus and Gemini is where the Milky Way crosses the plane of our orbit round the sun.

An observer of the night sky notices the long path of light-clouds formed from the constituent stars of our Galaxy sweeping down from the celestial pole between and around Gemini and Taurus, and so southward to the horizon. In ancient times this part of the Zodiac was known as the Cosmic Cross, where the Milky Way crosses the ecliptic the ecliptic being the apparent path of the sun through the signs of the Zodiac. The Temple in Jerusalem, following the pattern and geographical alignment of the Tabernacle in the Camp, had against its southern wall the seven-branched lampstand, which represented the seven planets sun, moon and five visible planets as they arced across the southern sky.

Consult the Camp diagram. Jesus speaks with a thunderous and resonating voice cf.


All three signs of the trigon on the southern Camp side are cross-referenced here. All seven luminaries lined up there in at the Cosmic Cross-roads. In other words the Temple in Jerusalem was configured to represent the astronomical configuration at the end of the world, when the sun entered Taurus, along the center of the plane of the Milky Way, at the Cosmic Cross.

Stonehenge similarly is built on an alignment which allowed observers to observe where the sun rose at midsummer, that is, to observe which sign of the Zodiac the sun was located in at midsummer. Obviously this astronomical location was believed to be of some over-arching significance. They were looking for the time when the midsummer sun was located at the Cosmic Cross in Taurus, which is where it is now.

Our planet earth orbits the sun in At the same time the sun and all the other stars in the Milky Way continue to orbit the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. The time it would take a star, traveling at the same speed as our sun, to orbit the outer edge of the Milky Way Galaxy, is approximately ,, million years. Their meaning was transmitted to Noah who preserved it, according to the Enoch and Hermetic literature, on an Emerald Prism, left hidden in Egypt. He found the knowledge of the whereabouts of these writings of Thoth in the possession of a humble seer of very advanced age.

Thus the secrets of the star-signs were preserved after the Flood in Egypt and used to construct the Great Pyramid. In the picture of the Zodiac from Denderah in Egypt reproduced below the zodiacal circle is marked in red. The divine members of the Ogdoad were referred to in Egypt as the eight original progenitors of mankind, four male and four female, who emerged out of the waters of Chaos and founded the regenerated world upon the peak of a primeval mountain projecting out of the waters.

The Original Meaning of the Zodiac Signs. Evidence of a correspondence between the Prediluvian Patriarchs and the signs of the Zodiac is found in the Jewish synagogue inscription from Engedi below. The synagogue itself was destroyed around AD so this inscription dates some time from the early Byzantine period. It lists the Prediluvian Patriarchs first from Adam to Japheth in two rows, then immediately following the names of the signs of the Zodiac in two rows, then the names of the Hebrew months.

Tishrei, Marheshvan, Kislev, Tevet, Shevat. And Adar. The three final Zodiac names are written in a curious way thus: gdy wdly dgym i. Considering that these correspond positionally to Noah AND Shem, Ham-and-Japheth the last two corresponding to the two linked fishes of Pisces , the odd phraseology is understandable. The parallelism with the months too is complete when it is realised that the last month Adar was duplicated in certain years Adar and Ve-Adar to bring the lunar months in line with the solar calendar. The Zodiac Signs, therefore, were allocated to Adam and his descendants as follows:.

Aries is the sign representing the first generation, that of Adam himself, and Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac in every astrological system. However, there is no trace of Adam personally in the sign. The reason for this is as follows. Adam himself, therefore, appears, not in the Lamb-sign, Aries, but in the neighboring sign of Auriga, raised up, as it were, above the Lamb, and over the horn of the Bull, Taurus see the following sign. Adam has been taken up and out of the sign Aries. On the disappearance of Adam, the brothers Cain and Abel were left alone at the Gate of the Garden to resolve their differences.

Abel was, in this sense, the new Adam. Accordingly, the Lamb in Aries is depicted recumbent, i. Abel was cast headlong on the ground when he was murdered by Cain.

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